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What difference does the building fund really make anyway?
Look and see.

Classroom Renovations

Chapel Renovations

current building Projects

We are raising funds for these projects:

Solar Panels for 7 schools – goal $90,000

The Presbyterian Education Board of Pakistan (PEB) operates 25 schools in Pakistan, offering quality education to poor children. Installing solar panels in these schools will cut operational costs as well as provide clean energy for the environment.

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Sargodha EMS Girls Classroom addition – goal $200,000

There is not enough classroom space at EMS Sargodha Girls’ School and more families have enrolled their girls at our school. PEB renovated the crumbling 100+ year old dormitory to provide some temporary classes for older girls, and the younger girls have joined the overflowing classrooms at EMS Boys’ School. We will provide a block of 4 new classrooms with all of the furnishings for the girls at EMS Sargodha Girls’ School. CLICK HERE to make a donation.

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