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Classroom Renovations

Chapel Renovations

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Prior Facility Construction: Sargodha

Building Project Updates

We have completed quite a few buildings and upgrades thanks to the consistent generosity and vision of our donors. We have a 5 Year Plan full of ideas for expansion and improvement. 

Right now, we are focusing on two projects, finishing the Sargodha Christian Girls Boarding House and adding a Multipurpose Room and Toilet Block to the Martinpur Girl's School.

We look forward to keeping you all updated in regards to the progress of these two much needed projects.

Current Projects


Martinpur Girls' School:

Multi-Purpose Room &

Toilet Block

There is an urgent need for a safe, dry, indoor facility to accommodate large school gatherings such as morning assembly, standardized testing, parent meetings, inter-school competitions, recess and indoor sports. No such space exists today. With protection from in climate weather and open areas for gatherings, student life can expand and learning will be enhanced. Click here for full project details. 
For more information on the Martinpur Girls' School building project, please contact:
Sam Martin,
or call 888-446-7819

Sardogha Girls Boarding House - Phase III

The Sargodha Girls’ Dormitory allows Christian girls from remote villages to live and study at PEB’s Christian Girls’ School, Sargodha. All of the girls in the dormitory come from small remote villages with no school. When presented with an opportunity to gain an education, these girls have hope for a bright future. They return to their villages with the ability to teach basic reading, writing, and math skills to their families and others. With these skills, families and villages are able to market their goods and find a way out of poverty. The completion of the project will allow an additional 36 girls to live in the dorm, increasing the total to 100 girls. Your contributions toward a new dormitory will benefit individual girls, their families, and entire communities. Click here for full details.


For more information about the Sargodha Girls

Boarding House, please contact: 

Laurie Gift Harris;

or call 888-446-7819



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