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Building  Fund

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Martinpur Primary Classroom Block
Goal $382,000

The Martinpur Christian Girls High School has many new buildings but the Primary building is over 100 years old. PEB has worked hard over the years to keep the building in good repair and provide a safe environment. However, the most recent engineering survey has made it clear that these patchwork repairs are no longer safe and it is urgent that we tear down and replace the old building. Students are using verandahs and having class in the multipurpose hall rather than risk the worst of the classrooms. 


Friends of PEB is raising funds for a new building consisting of two floors, eight classrooms, a staffroom, an activity room, library, two toilet blocks, stairs and a verandah. Please consider giving a gift to Friends of PEB in support of Martinpur Primary School. In doing so, you will be partnering with us to not just fix a building, but make a tremendous impact on students for many years to come.


Martinpur Primary School

Gifts by check can be mailed to: Friends of PEB, PO Box 72453, Thorndale, PA 19372

Friends of PEB also welcomes planned gifts, donor-advised funds, or gifts in other forms. If you have questions about your gift, please email or call 888-446-7819.

About the Presbyterian Education Board of Pakistan (PEB)

PEB started in the the mid-1800s by Presbyterian missionaries from the United Presbyterian Church. Today PEB runs 25 schools in the Punjab region of Pakistan with more than 5,500 students in attendance. All schools are dedicated to providing quality education to all individuals regardless of race, religion or ability to pay. PEB schools provide a safe place to learn in harmony, with a student body of 42% Christian and 58% Muslim. Since all faiths learn together and are respected, students learn the values of tolerance, respect, and love -- which lead to a more peaceful society.

About Martinpur

Martinpur is a village of about 25,000 people (almost 99% Christian) in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The parents of many PEB students work on farms, in factories, or in brick kilns. Most parents earn extremely low wages and are barely able to put food on the table, let alone pay for the education of their children. Some students help their families financially by doing grueling work in the brick kilns early in the morning before going to school.

From 1972-1998, PEB’s school in Martinpur was nationalized by the Pakistani government. While the school was under government control, the physical condition of the school was neglected and many classrooms fell into much disrepair. The school had no furniture, electricity, water or toilets. The lack of a boundary wall around the school property meant that townspeople and animals freely wandered across school grounds.

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