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space to exercise her dreams

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space to exercise her dreams

The Need:

There is an urgent need for a safe, dry indoor facility to accommodate large school gatherings such as morning assembly, standardized testing, parent meetings, inter-school competitions, recess and indoor sports. No such space exists today.

martinpur morning assembly.JPG
outside martinpur.jpg

Many daily activities are being held outside under the trees, so the girls stand outside, shivering in the cold, fainting in the heat and soaked in the heavy rain.

When the students are trying to take a test outside under the trees in the heavy rain answer sheets get soaked or girls try to keep them dry under their duppatas.

Once, for the Science Competition, they had to rent expensive, cumbersome, leaky tents and  the science projects the students had worked so hard making were ruined.

Total Cost: $200,000 / Total Raised: $122,453 / Needed: $77,547


are we building for?

The girls in the rural town of Martinpur, predominantly Christian (99%), and very poor. Often the only wage earner works in the brick factory where they get $2 for every 1,000 bricks. Children often work before school.


are we building?

A multi-purpose hall where students can meet together for competitions, celebrations, graduations, performances and government tests.

Click here for the architect's drawing


dimensions & details?

The overall footprint (3,397 square feet) will measure 93’.6” x 36’.3” feet. The majority of the space will be an open, high-ceilinged, rectangular configuration. There will be a small entry lobby with spiral stairs leading to an upper galley (additional 363 sq. ft.). At the far end of the hall  will be a raised stage for presentations, performances, and assemblies. Behind the stage will be a veranda (porch) area.


will it help?

PEB needs to begin this project as quickly as funds can be raised, but the timing is dependent on donations. 

The on-going operation of PEB cannot fund it; nor can the poor parents of Martinpur. The funds must come from donors.

The building will take approximately 8 months to complete, and then the landscaping and furnishing will take another month.

how much

will it cost?

The total cost to buld and fill the multi-purpose hall is $200,000

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