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Have questions?

We hope you find the answers below. If you still have questions, reach out by sending us an email We are happy to give you the answers you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Presbyterian Education Board?
The Presbyterian Education Board, Pakistan started in the mid-1800s by Presbyterian missionaries from the United Presbyterian Church. Today, they run 25 schools in Pakistan, offering a quality education to poor children from that region.
Who are the Friends of PEB?
The Friends of PEB was started in 2008 as a USA based, non-profit, fundraising organization that supports PEB, Pakistan.
If PEB and Friends of PEB are accepted by the Presbyterian Church USA, do the students need to be Presbyterian?
No. PEB strives to give a quality education to all persons regardless of religion or ability to pay. 


Where are the schools located?

The schools are located in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

How many schools are there?

There are 25 schools total including 4 boarding houses, 8 villages schools, which provide education to both boys and girls from pre-school through high school.

How many students are there?

Currently, there are approximately 5,500 students and 500 staff. 

Do Muslims and Christians study together?

Yes, Muslim and Christians study side by side in the PEB schools (approximately 58% of students are Muslim and 42% are Christian). Christian students have Bible teachers, and Muslim students have access to Islamic studies taught according to the law of Pakistan. Because all faiths learn together and are respected, students learn the values of tolerance, respect, and love which lead to a more peaceful society.


What are the academic standards of the schools?

Curriculum and academic standards are some of the highest in Pakistan, with all students passing national matriculation exams and many excelling. Teams from the USA provide ongoing training to the PEB teachers annually. Because of the high standards of the PEB schools, there is a long waiting list at each school.

How much does a scholarship cost?
The current cost is $400 per year for a day student and $800 per year for a resident student. This totals just $1.10/day for day students or $2.20/day for boarding students. For more than 10 years the cost of scholarships haven't increased, but due to recent inflation in Pakistan the cost was just raised $.10 - $.20 per day.
What does a scholarship cover?

A scholarship covers full tuition, books, supplies, fees and uniform. Resident students would also receive room and board in one of the dormitories.

Do you have a building fund for capital campaigns?
Yes. The building fund has been used to renovate buildings that were in deplorable condition, to build additions onto existing buildings, and to fund new structures as needed. Since 1998, PEB has gone from 14 nearly unusable buildings to 25 superior quality educational facilities.
Do you have a Planned Giving program?
Yes. We have a Legacy Society and a Planned Giving suite of pages on our website with all the information and helps you will need to get started.
How are the schools funded?

Over 50 percent of the funds to operate the schools come from local sources in Pakistan, through tuition and donations. Additional funds are donated by individuals, foundations, and churches throughout the USA. 

What about accountability? How do I know my contributions will go where they are intended to go?

PEB staff, headed by Mrs. Veda Gill, is a highly trained group of people who provide academic and financial accountability for all funds. Their work is audited yearly and is supervised by an elected board of directors. More is available at the PEB website,

What percentage of my gift does Friends of PEB keep?

Friends of PEB retains 20% or less of every contribution to defray costs that allow us to share PEB's story, cultivate further financial support for PEB, and administer PEB's student scholarship program. For additional information visit our Financial Information page.

How can I give to PEB?

Visit our Give page to find out how to contribute. You can also read more about our finances, including annual reports and tax forms, on our Financial Information page.

Contributions can also be given through local churches and through the PC(USA) Extra Commitment Opportunity Giving, ECO number 862370.


The Friends of PEB Inc. is a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to support PEB through providing a tax-deductible basis for contributions. 

Please Contact Us with any questions at any time.

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