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Planned Giving

Create a Living Legacy


You can leave a legacy — not just for your own loved ones, but for families around the world. 


Transform Lives for Years to Come

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How to Name a Charity as a Beneficiary


Legacy Planning:

Create a Lasting Legacy

by Kiplinger

Legacy Circle

You can ensure PEB's amazing accomplishments continue well into the future by including Friends of PEB in your will or estate plans. Won't you join our circle of Friends?

Legacy Circle Members

Carol Brink

James and Marilyn Cummings

Ellen and Tommy Davis

David Eades

Elizabeth Etters

Tim Roach

Jenny and David Stoner

More information

For more information, contact Cheryl Burke at 

or call 888-446-7819. 

If you have already named Friends of PEB in your will, trust, retirement plan, real estate or insurance policies, we'd like to know and welcome you to the Legacy Circle. 

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