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Building  Fund


Flood Relief


Students and Families in Pasrur and Sailkot

Help Students in Pakistan

Friends of PEB is raising funds to be used for boarding scholarships and discretionary funds to remove other barriers to school attendance for impacted students of our Pasrur and Sialkot schools due to recent flooding.


This year, due to the extreme floods in Pakistan more than 30 million people have been directly affected or displaced from their homes. PEB has two boarding houses and four schools in this affected area. We have collected data of the families of boarders who are affected and PEB has 100+ boarders in Pasrur and 45+ boarders in CTI Boys Hostel, Sialkot.


Our boarders are mostly coming from these highly affected areas of Pasrur and Sialkot. Their families are already hand to mouth and now their condition has been made worse. In these conditions with added inflation of 27% and more, many parents find it difficult or, in some cases, impossible to bear the educational expenses (Boarding House Expense and School Tuition Fee). This directly impacts the students’ ability to continue their education.


In addition, we prayerfully request some funds to use at our discretion. We know that in some cases the ability for some affected students to attend school is impacted by challenges that are in addition to the educational expenses (food, medicine, transportation, etc.).


All contributions go to Friends of PEB, a 501(c)3 organization.
Friends of PEB's tax ID is 26-2624592.

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