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Coffee Club


FOPEB: in partnership with Intent Coffee Roasting. 

Love coffee? Love helping?

Our coffee club does both!



Mark Johnson Founded Intent roasting in 2012.

Read the inspiring story of how he got started.

Read the

Inspiring Story:


What are people saying?

Trip Advisor


Wonderful All-Around Experience!

Unlike most places you go, this is a place where they not only serve but source and roast the coffee as well. The coffee here is amazing. Mark is truly a Jedi Master of roasting and it shows in every cup they serve. I've had many business meetings here and always am glad I came. Everyone who works here is incredibly friendly and even remembers my name!


Reviewed January 6, 2020

5 stars

"The coffee is first rate, and their commitment to serving the poor exceptional." – Joe Anfuso, Founder and President of Forward Edge International

What size?

Bags of freshly roasted coffee are 12 oz. each.

What Kind?

Fresh roasted beans from exotic places like Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Uganda, Haiti, and Costa Rica.

how much?

Each 12 oz bag is $20.00

What's the Point?

The idea behind Intent is to provide an opportunity to invest in the community and bring hope. It also allows for the customer to enjoy a fabulous cup of fresh roasted coffee that makes a difference. 


The coffee is available at the coffee shop locations in Portland, Oregon, as well as online and through our coffee club.

Proceeds of Coffee for Change Coffee Club will benefit schools and programs at PEB.

We are proud to offer you a unique way to continually support children in need this year. Each bag of coffee you purchase will allow Friends of PEB to continue helping poor children in Pakistan to receive a quality education,

Coffee is great, but it’s even better when you’re helping children in need.

We’ve teamed up a socially responsible roaster located in the North West that works directly with farmers to provide small batch premium coffee beans.

Each month, you will receive a different batch of freshly roasted coffee beans.


Each bag of coffee: $20

Plus the required processing fee.


Thank you

for your

kind support

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