Veda Celebrates Citizenship

Today I am celebrating my birth as a United States citizen. For every day of my life, I will be thankful to God that I can call myself an America. To be part of the fabric of USA is a great feeling, a proud moment, and it is my honor to share this with all of you. I am so thankful to many, many friends of mine who have been praying for this day, and who have helped me to complete this process.

There were 63 people from 33 Countries. During the ceremony, everyone was bringing their gift of talents, pledging to make USA strong. Sitting among those people I kept thinking – “What am I bringing to USA?”

I strongly believe I bring the power of Faith.

  • Faith that my biological birthplace, my beloved Pakistan, will be a peaceful place.

  • Faith that we will together transform the world through Education.

  • Faith that we are God's people working for His Glory.

  • Faith that God has a special purpose behind this all.

My official name on my U.S. passport is Veda Shaheen Gill. However, most of my US friends have known me as Veeda Javaid. Because over the years people had difficulty pronouncing my first name, I had added an extra “e” to help with the pronunciation. Javaid Gill is my husband’s name and traditionally in Pakistan a woman takes the husband’s first name as her last name.

I have decided, from this day on, I will go by my official name: Veda Shaheen Gill.

Thank you, fellow Americans, for this great opportunity. I am so happy that I have received the wonderful gift of "Freedom of Speech." Now I will be able to travel to USA whenever required which will make my work a lot easier! The strength of America will make me strong to continue my work in Pakistan.

May God Bless America and may God bless Pakistan Peace and Prayers

Veda Shaheen Gill Your fellow worker in Pakistan

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