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Fundraise With Us

It's as EAsy as 1.2.3

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Start a 

birthday fundraiser

Looking for something meaningful to do on your birthday?

Why not pledge your birthday to Friends of PEB? Instead of gifts, start a fundraiser. It's is so easy you won't believe it.

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We can do this Together

$1 at a time

A Compelling Story:

My wife’s charity, Juliana's Animal Sanctuary had a goal of $25,000.

The campaign page was shared 700 times

Articles on 4 different websites were shared 20,000 times

Our Facebook post was shared thousands of times.

About 100,000 sets of eyes saw our campaign.

157 people donated.

If half of these people had donated just $1 each,

we would have raised $50,000 dollars, double the campaign goal!

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Give someone a

brighter future.

give the gift of one.

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