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About the Bundles

Samosas Bundle

Tribal Pilau Bundle

Tribal Pilau Bundle

Tribal Pilau Bundle

Chai & Nankhatai Bundle

2021 CWB Samosa Bundle.jpeg
  • Wild Mountain Cumin: Our wild mountain cumin is sourced directly from networks of foragers in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Badakhshan province in the northeastern corner of Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush range is characterized by steep, rocky peaks cut through by green river valleys; the significant snowfall in the winter results in abundant vegetation in the short spring and summer seasons despite low rainfall. The rocky soil cultivates an ancient and resilient varietal of cumin with a warm pungent flavor and irresistible aroma.

  • King Caraway: Our King Caraway is grown by smallholder farmers in central Egypt, in an oasis west of the Nile where ancient canal systems divert the Nile's waters to irrigate the fields. The seeds are harvested by hand in early summer. Farmers use a special curved knife to cut the caraway plants down, and the seeds are pulled off by hand.

  • Two hand painted Tree of Life dishes from the West Bank: Birds and blossoms express the bounty of a tree of life. Skillfully hand-painted design adds grace and beauty to this small dish, produced by artisans living and working in Hebron. Handmade by artisans of Hebron Glass & Ceramic Factory. This family business was founded in 1890.

  • Swirling Sari Basket: A bright housewarming gift for an eco–friendly home! The Swirling Sari Basket is hand–woven from recycled fabric by artisans in Bangladesh. Colors and patterns vary. 6.25D (top diameter) x 2.75H inches

2021 CWB Tribal Pilau Bundle.jpeg
  • Silk Chili: These summery and spicy Silk Chili come from Kahramanmaras, Turkey. Also known as marash pepper, the Silk Chili is botanically identical to the Aleppo pepper, which has been cultivated in Syria for centuries. These chilis undergo a traditional drying and grinding process that results in a chili flake with a very smooth, slippery texture. Historically, the chilis were ground using silk ropes, and although more modern grinding machines are used today, the tradition is commemorated in the name silk chili.

  • Two Hand Knotted Bunyaad Mug Rugs: Knotted by hand just like our larger rugs, these mini mug rugs are sure to delight. Same stain resistancy as our larger carpets and the perfect coaster for your morning tea or coffee. Approximately 5 inches.

  • Hand Carved Bamboo Serving Utensil: Made of hardy, sustainable bamboo by artisans in Vietnam, who carve and smooth each piece. Pakistani-chef approved to be gentle with your basmati rice

  • Divine Mini Chocolate Bar Flight: Deliciously rich Fairtrade cocoa grown by family farmers in Ghana and includes Divine's six most popular varieties: 70% Dark Chocolate, 85% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate with Strawberries

2021 CWB Kashmiri Chai and Nankhatai Bun
  • Two Hand Painted Bowls or Pialas: We will be using these bowls to drink our Kashmiri chai in the most traditional way! Our newest ceramics collection comes from the Tunisian artisan studio, Dishes & Deco. The studio was founded in 2009 and grew out of a love of Mediterranean dishes and the desire to bring them to European and American markets. Colorful mandala-like patterns and bold stripes beautify the ceramic pieces, each one dishwasher and oven safe. Inside the 8,000 square foot studio, over a dozen artisans hand paint each line, dot and stroke of glaze onto the white clay dishes. Committed to the well-being of the artisans, the studio offers permanent contracts, insurance and provides free transportation to and from the studio.

  • Cloud Forest Cardamom: Our cardamom is grown on one of the only single-estate cardamom farms in Guatemala, which is also one of the only farms to manage the supply chain in its entirety, from cultivation to harvesting, drying, and export. They are constantly innovating, experimenting with cloning and other state of the art techniques to produce the finest spice possible. Cardamom is officially graded only by its size and green color - however, those factors don’t correlate to flavor. 

  • Herati Saffron: Our saffron is cultivated in the deserts of the Herat province in western Afghanistan, on the border with Iran, where saffron has grown for thousands of years. During the annual harvest in November and December, farmers begin work at dawn, plucking the beautiful white and purple crocus flowers before the desert sun can wilt them and ruin the invaluable stigmas. Each flower produces only three stigmas, which are painstakingly extracted by hand and dried.

  • African Forest Honey: Traditionally gathered from deep in the remote, pristine National Park forests in Tanzania. Our Tanzanian honey is a rich gold color, full of antioxidants and rich in micro-nutrients. This is a full-flavored, tropical forest honey, harvested during the dry season. It is full of the flavors and scents of the miombo forest.

  • Level Ground Loose Green Tea: Small-scale tea growers in Assam, India grow and process their own tea organically at their garden sites. These organic gardens are a haven for birds and microorganisms and the farmers' entrepreneurship is inspiring. Tea is plucked by hand and processed in small facilities located at each tea garden. Individual gardens employ 5-15 people.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Psalm 34:8
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