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Gill-Nicholson Boy's School

There has been a critical need for a boy's school in Pasrur.

Thanks to the generosity of some faithful donors, the Gill-Nicholson Boy's School was contructed and now provides a quality education to approximately 200 boys.


There is still important work to be completed. We have already raised $250,000 and only have $60,000 to go.

Your kind donation could be the difference for a boy in Pasrur, Pakistan, so won't you please give now?

So much potential

to unlock!

Emergency Needs 

Going Forward

 A Time of Transition 

As July is upon us it is clear that this summer is going to be a time of transition from quarantine to the new normal. It is going to require a lot of flexibility as the needs of the people and the dates set by the government shift and change.

Water Bottles

$2000 Needed


$4500 Needed


Learning Supplies

$5000 Needed

Water Coolers

$7500 Needed

The Emergency Needs Fund will be critical to the success of our students during this time period.

Right now there are needs on three fronts:


  1. Food – As the quarantine drags on, more students’ families are finding themselves in need of food.

  2. Supplies for the duration of the lockdown period – Our teachers will need money for photocopying, printing and binding in order to continue to provide the students with notes on the lessons and homework.

  3. School Opening Supplies – As school is set to open in the middle of Pakistan’s hottest season, the schools will need supplies to insure a safe learning environment for our students:

    1. Water bottles 

    2. Tarps

    3. Electric water coolers 


Your generosity and perseverance in this time of crisis is so much more of a difference than can be put into words.

PEB schools begin their school year during the hottest season of the year in Pakistan. 
The heat is grueling. It is unrelenting. It can reach unimaginable heights of over 120 degrees! 
We need to provide water and shade, so our students can have a safe environment for returning to school.

A few facts about the heat in Pakistan:

  • Pakistan experiences an average of seven heat waves a year.

  • Heat waves are defined as spikes in temperature beyond 45 degrees Celsius in the plains areas and beyond 40 degrees Celsius in the hilly areas.

  • Average maximum temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius with a 5 to 6 degree Celsius rise, lasting eight days or more, are also considered heat waves.

Here is what we need:
500 water bottles at $4 each. That is 400 water bottles for the boarding house students, and 100 for students who simply are too poor to even buy one water bottle.

10 tarps at $450 each to provide much needed shade. Many of the schools have something to provide shade, but 10 of them do not. One tarp would go to each of ten different schools.

10 electric water coolers at $750 each. 10 of our schools need electric water coolers. One cooler will be provided for each of the ten schools.

Help Now by Giving to the Emergency Fund

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