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Gill-Nicholson Boy's School

There has been a critical need for a boy's school in Pasrur.

Thanks to the generosity of some faithful donors, the Gill-Nicholson Boy's School was contructed and now provides a quality education to approximately 200 boys.


There is still important work to be completed. We have already raised $250,000 and only have $60,000 to go.

Your kind donation could be the difference for a boy in Pasrur, Pakistan, so won't you please give now?

So much potential

to unlock!

Emergency Needs 

HEading into a

New Year


Making an impact

where it counts 

It has been nearly a year of struggle and heartache during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your help is desperately needed to help meet the basic needs of PEB teachers, students, and families. A contribution, like your's could make all the difference. 

The Emergency Needs Fund is critical

as we start 2021.


​Our students, teachers, principals and staff are still functioning as they did during the quarantine.  Schools are expected to open again in early January, in spite of the challenges of maintaining Standard Operating Procedures for COVID.


The Emergency Fund addresses critical needs as it relates to the present and urgent needs of our PEB students and staff. Personal Protection Equipment (masks, gloves, etc.), sanitization items (hand gels, hand cloths, paper towels, etc.), medical (thermometers and medications), and so much more. 


As we head into the next stage of our journey through this crisis, your generosity and perseverance will make much more of a difference than can be put into words.

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Help Now by Giving to the Emergency Fund

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